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Black On Black: Black On Black™ is a social protest that De:Constructs the Construct. It's not about "YOUR" experience with blackness. Rather "MY" black experience. It’s not about what "YOU" think of "ME". Rather what I think of "MYSELF".

Blooming Flower Soap: The name “Blooming Flower” was born when I attended a party with a family friend. While mingling and joking with several of the guests, I was told I looked like a blooming flower because of my big hair and big smile. The phrase caught me off guard, but I definitely remembered it. Realizing that creating soap and starting this business is truly part of my life’s purpose feels as if I have come into my own as a woman and as an adult, like a flower coming into bloom. I hope that you enjoy our products and that you allow your purpose to bloom as well.

Boho Gal: ewelry For Free Spirited Souls Handmade in Atlanta, GA

Divine Clementine Soap on a Roap: I believe in maintaining loyalty and integrity to the local and small business owner. I also believe the same principles be upheld for Mother Earth. I use raw Goat's Milk from local farms in Atlanta and surrounding areas. I decided to add ropes to my soaps because the ingredients are so precious. If someone leaves the soap in water and it melts,they will have wasted their money. That's no bueno! All of the ingredients and materials used in making and packaging Divine Clementine's Soap on A Rope are earth friendly,sustainable and come from local and small businesses. We are a global, small batch, handcrated soap company.

Naturally Fly: The Naturally Fly brand was created with one mission in mind-to attract, empower and reflect what makes us each uniquely different and remarkably authentic. Our rich body butters and invigorating salt scrubs each contain the highest level of quality and natural ingredients. In addition to their aromatic and healing properties, our Naturally Fly products are also backed by our personal commitment to our Fly Spot Community members. We’ll keep our products organically authentic, and all we ask is that you keep it fly. Deal? Great!

Personal Advisory: We are a clothing brand, inspired from the spirit of golden age hip hop and Pan Africanism. Fueled by that inspiration, we are all about creating clothing, preserving, and highlighting all that is relative, culturally progressive, dynamic and remarkable about the diaspora in hopes it will help empower by connecting those to their historical majesty and divine essence which is often censored, and greatly diverted by the media and self-destruction presenting itself as hip hop.“Respect the Essence” is our lingo

PopATL: T-shirt design and custom t-shirt printing is affordable and easy with our online t-shirt designer. Make your own T-shirt or Custom Clothing at POP ATL, a t-shirt printing company in Atlanta that ships custom tees worldwide! Create your own shirt or gift and POP ATL will make it using our Direct to Garment Printer (DTG), heat transfer, screen printing, or sublimation printing technologies. No minimum order quantities or set-up fees on an array of custom shirt printing services ranging from premium printing for clothing lines to cheap t-shirts for family reunions or giveaways. Order custom or personalized t-shirts online today at POPATL.com.

Suakoko Betty: (pronounced SWAH-ko-ko) is a lifestyle brand inspired by African design. Owner and creative director Charlene Dunbar was born in Liberia and moved to Atlanta when she was 11. She took style lessons from her mom and Liberian church ladies, spliced them with her contemporary point of view, and suakoko betty was born. Print mixing, surprise colors and sleek styling are her signature. After being selected as a 2014 Belk Southern Designer Showcase winner, suakoko betty's authentic African wax print dress collection was sold in select Belk stores and received rave revsews from longstanding and new customers. suakoko betty has been featured in ESSENCE and Garden and Gun and is available at boutiques in the Southeast US and online at www.suakokobetty.com.

The Manner Co: The Manner Co Jewels is our way of Creating Statement Style through Accessories. Whether you are looking to define your manner with an individual statement piece or want to select our non subscription Manner Box, we make it easy to enhance your personal style!

Universal Should Couture: Universe+Soul Couture is a "rolling" store that brings fashion forward clothing and accessories that inspire individual expression and a positive lifestyle. Bringing the Universe together . . .One Soul at a time.

Visually Versed: visually.versed is an invitation to see the familiar, differently...visually.versed is a platform of expression about a lot of things from the everyday to the complex.

All the Way Royal is a new clothing brand created by Atlanta music scene veterans Devon Lee and mikeflo, who recently joined forces to form ROYAL.


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